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Our Background:  

Reaching Out For Kids (ROFK), officially started in 1997, uses Golf as a platform to teach life lessons much more important than any sport, and helping to direct the young lives of those that need it the most. In addition to building golf skills, we focus on character education and life enhancing values to help increase their potential for successful lifestyles.  The program was developed by Ron Dumas, a PGA Pro since 1998.  Ron was inducted into the African-American Golf Hall of Fame in 2018. In 2019 he was elected to it's Board of Directors.


In 2004, the Cincinnati program was launched at Reeves Golf Course with over 100 kids (3 - 17 years old) from the tri-state area for our Saturday morning programs in June and July.  The program is free of charge to its participants and is now held at Avon Fields Golf Course with 200-300 kids participating each year.


Our Goals:

Character education is a major component of our program. Our participants learn valuable lessons such as, the importance of doing well in school, being responsible for ones own actions, making decisions by considering the consequences, and staying away from the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol. We teach our participants about maintaining a positive attitude, how to set goals, and how to transfer values such as integrity, honesty, respect, confidence, and sportsmanship from the golf course to every day life. These lessons will remain with them into their adult lives.


In addition, our program stresses the importance of education and fosters diversity. Our volunteers, as well as our participants come from a wide variety of races, and economic and business backgrounds.  Our participants must be well behaved at school and must take their studies seriously and meet their academic requirements.


The program is open to youth of all backgrounds throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  Ron and the individuals that he has involved in this endeavor are all dedicated and share a common goal where kids are concerned. They realize the importance of teaching important life skills which will serve them well as they grow to become productive and responsible members of society.  Golf is the vehicle used to help provide these important life lessons.


ROFK has grown into much more than just a golf program:

We strive to improve the lives of children away from the golf course too. Since the program’s inception in Cincinnati,  our program has partnered with Cincinnati Public Schools, charter schools, churches and whomever is necessary to provide the following types of assistance:


  • Clothing for needy students

  • Text books, dictionaries, and school supplies

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and Christmas gifts for needy families

  • Money for school uniforms

  • Money to enable students-in-need to participate in school field trips

  • Tutoring

  • Motivational presentations to children about the importance of good behavior, staying out of trouble, avoiding drugs and alcohol, as well as doing well in school 


Scholarship Opportunities:

Over the years Ron and ROFK have facilitated hundreds of scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the country, including: Hampton University, Prairie View College, Grambling State University, Livingstone College, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Miami University.


As the success of those students increase, our network continues to grow. Many schools actually reach out to us to direct college age participants to their schools, even outside of golf. 


What do we provide to our participants?

Our Junior Golf Program is held at Avon Fields Golf Course on Saturday mornings from 8:30am to 12:30pm throughout June and July.


We provide the following items to the kids in our program:

  • Golf Bags

  • Golf Clubs

  • Golf Balls

  • Gloves

  • Shoes

Food – We provide lunch at our weekly golf clinics and we also provide food to the kids who participate in tournaments.


Transportation – We provide transportation for those kids who need it to golf courses where they are participating in tournaments.


Tournament Entry Fees – We pay entry fees for tournaments throughout the city and state when the kids in our program participate in different tournaments.


 Some examples of these tournaments are:

  • Junior Club Championship                     

  • YGA Championship                              

  • City Junior Open

  • State Tournaments

  • Adult/Junior Tournament

  • County Tournaments

  • Other local tournaments

Where do our kids come from?

  • Our Cincinnati program draws kids from throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


Who’s involved?

Ron Dumas has assembled a group of individuals who share his vision and dedication.


Board of Directors:     

Ron Dumas, Executive Director, Asst. PGA Professional, 2018 African American Golf Hall of Fame Honoree

Rogena Stargel, Attorney at Law

Jeffrey M. Fine, Entrepreneur

Dana K. Fine, MBA Finance


Board of Advisors:


Gary Keels, Retired, General Electric

Frances Keels, Retired Educator

Clyde Lee, Retired Educator

Harold Bennie

Leslie Bryant, Project Manager

Rev. Wayne Davis, Minister

Major McNeal, Retired Educator

Rhonda Wrenn, Volunteer

Dr. Charles Pierce, Honoree

Cheryl Borland, Esq.


Non-Profit Organization Status:

We are a registered 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization


Funding the Program:

Funding the program is a never-ending task.  So far, we have been funding the program with grant money, fundraisers, such as golf outings, corporate and individual donations, and often, out of our own pockets. To sustain our program and enable us to connect with as many kids as possible, we need to secure corporate sponsorship and funding from other sources. 


We are a 100% volunteer program, every penny we raise goes directly to our program participants.



More Information:

For more information about the Reaching Out for Kids, Inc. program, contact:

Ron Dumas, Executive Director                          513-207-2960

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